Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiger drinking

by D. Bowden
This is a tiger at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. I took a photo while he was refreshing himself and then used PhotoShop effects to give it a watercolor look.

Mary wading

by D. Bowden
Mary wading in the water at Hammonesset Beach in Connecticut. I took the picture with my Canon EOS and then scanned it and used some PhotoShop effects.

Death Valley

by D. Bowden - 2002

Pinky-orange sunset in early spring

by D. Bowden
View from my kitchen window

Palm Tree and blue

by D. Bowden

I took this shot while in St. Augustine, Florida a few years ago. I love this city and all of the history there. I especially love the blueness of the water, there. Absolutely gorgeous, clean and sparkling.

Desert lizard

by D. Bowden
Caught a shot of this little guy basking in the sun on the rim of the Grand Canyon, 1998.

Road to Meteor Crater

by D. Bowden
Road to Meteor Crater in Flagstaff, AZ - 1998

Grand Canyon 1998

by D. Bowden
I took this photo back in 1998 when we were on one of our last family vacations together, before everyone went and grew up on us. ;-) Now they take their own trips. I would love to go back here, though.