Thursday, October 13, 2005

50 Nuns and a Fishing Net
A dream I had one night . . . .(I have bizarre dreams)
D. Bowden
Photoshop D Bowden

I was sleeping and was awakened by a wooden screen door slamming and I found that we had new neighbors next door. They had a huge trailer and only allowed a few feet of space between our trailer and theirs. Then our place became my Mom and Dad's trailer and we were only visitors. Then suddenly we were on a spacious piece of land that backed up to a seashore with a spectacular view. Lots of people were on the beach and in the water. Kids were splashing each other and squealing happily. Also in the water were about 50 nuns in their "penguin" outfits. They all had hold of a huge fishing net. They were pulling the net to land and there were thousands of white fish in the net. Grayness was coming in from the horizon and people started to pack up to leave and the nuns struggled to finish their fishing job. I was then scrambling around to find my camera to take photos of it all.

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