Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bono's Armour Glasses

I love U2. They are one of my favorite bands. But I always wondered for my own curiosity, "what's with the glasses, Bono?" This is a bit of information that does not affect my life one iota, however I needed to find out. Johnny Cash wore black for all the sadness in the world, Elton John wore glasses are part of his glam-rock image (and to hide his true self behind), Mark Twain wore white because of his disdain for the conventional black suit of his times. So, I wondered about Bono's reason for the goofy glasses, indoors and out.
Here's what I found:

Bono has confessed he uses his ubiquitous glasses as 'body armour'.

The U2 frontman - who is rarely spotted without his dark shades - admits he prefers viewing the world from behind his dark specs - and doesn't care if people mock him for it. He revealed: 'They're always going to laugh at me, whatever happens. 'Look, there are practical reasons, it's body armour, it's a note of necessary insincerity, and the eyes are a giveaway, and although I have got used to the stares I get, I quite like not having people who I don't know looking right into my eyes, as if they might find something out about me. 'They walk right up to you, and stick their head right into your face. So it's good that there's a barrier.' But the singer also confessed he has another reason for hiding his eyes... his vanity. He added to Britain's Observer Music Monthly: 'And of course, the light, and the drink, makes my eyes go red, there's a bit of vanity there, I don't want people to see my all puffy.'

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