Friday, April 07, 2006

Big Bunny!

German rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky presents his giant male breeding rabbit 'Robert' in Eberswalde, eastern Germany, February 2006. In a tale reminiscent of the last Wallace and Gromit movie, furious villagers in northeast England have hired armed guards to protect their beloved communal vegetable gardens from a suspected monster rabbit.(AFP/File/Michael Urban)


JustinOther said...

That's Huge!!!!

Jules said...

I feel sorry for this animal somehow, and he doesn't look too happy in the picture! What do you think?

Stardust said...

I feel sorry for this bunny too...not only is he a freak of nature, he is pursued by humans who want to do like they do with all "freaks" of nature...cage him up and charge admission.