Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Beardie, Miller

Miller loves to pose for photos. Isn't she lovely?


L>T said...

For a lizard, she's a beauty. Do you pet her?

Stardust said...

l>t -- Yes, I do pet her and hold her. I take her out and let her run around the house. She likes to sit on my lap and watch television. The minute my husband gets home from work (she knows the sound of the front door opening and his voice) and she goes to the end of her tank that faces toward the livingroom and waits for the television to be turned on (that is the first thing he does when he gets home). Miller is a t.v. junkie. LOL! She likes to sit outside with me (but clings to me because she is afraid of birds, which is understandable.)

She loves fresh green beans and toast crusts (I can't give her toast very often because it's not normal beardie food)...she is terrified of live crickets which are supposed to be the main diet of these creatures. But she trembles in fear of them. She eats processed lizard food pellets, salad, green beans, dried meal worms (they are like potato chips to her) and bananas & blueberries.