Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Papa' Hemingway look-alike contest

(Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau/Handout/Reuters)
Chris Storm of Amarillo, Texas (C), winner of the 2006 'Papa' Hemingway look-alike contest, is congratulated by former look-alike winners, in Key West, Florida July 22, 2006. Storm, a Texas commercial real estate developer, won Florida's annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike competition rocking the house at Sloppy Joe's, the writer's favourite Key West drinking hole, with new lyrics to an American country crooner's tune. Picture taken July 22, 2006.

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L>T said...

I have a feminist friend that can't stand Hemingway's books, but, I love them. "The Old man and the sea" was one of the books that turned me on to modern classic literature.

A Very cute bunch of guys.