Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Red Tape . . .
Will It Ever End?

D. Bowden

I woke up early this morning and drove over to Joliet to drop off the two documents that are needed to complete my file so I can get fingerprinted and get the show on the road with this substitute teaching thing. When I got to the street that the Will County building is located on, there was not a parking place to be found! I drove around, and around and around, passing down Chicago Street at least a half dozen times in hopes that someone would leave and I would take their space. No such luck since there were many others in the same predicament I was in. Only I was brave, (more like fed up) and parked in the dry cleaner's lot across the street under a big sign that said "DRY CLEANING CUSTOMERS ONLY. VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE." I took the chance because I just wanted to drop off the stupid papers and be on my way.

I crossed the busy street and went inside the Will County building for the fourth time in less than a week because of the incompentency of the administrative staff to give me the proper documents I needed all at one time, which would have prevented me from having to run back and forth, wasting precious gasoline just to be able to get a part-time job as glorified baby sitter! I know that in this world of perverts and danger, schools must take precautions, and I am not complaining about that. I am irritated because they don't have their shit together and no wonder all this bullshit happens in schools these days! Look who is in charge! They can't even register a substitute teacher properly and in a timely fashion!

Entering the Regional Office of the Will County Department of Education, I saw one of the ladies who has been involved in getting my file together. I gave her the documents and said I would like to set up my appointment for fingerprinting (the LAST thing I must do before being allowed to work). Now it should take about five minutes or less to take someone's fingerprints. It is not hard. Press fingers on ink pad, press fingers on document, and wash hands. Done. But this lady tells me I cannot get an appointment time until November 17th! Then it will take 48 hours for "processing" and then I can check back to see if I can start working.

By the time I get going, I will be ready to retire.

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