Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Scream" by Edvard Munch

Reasons for Teacher Shortage

After finally receiving my substitute teaching certificate in the mail, as advised by the regional offices, I made some phone calls to the school districts in our county to find out what I need to do to get on their sub lists only to be told by each one I called, they don't NEED any more substitute teachers. This has happened at every school district I contacted. I then phoned the regional department of education again and asked them why I was led to believe there would be "instant work" for me to do once I got my certificate. The lady on the phone told me that employment is up to each individual district and they have nothing to do with that. I told her when I was at the regional office, she and others made me believe there was a great need for substitutes as I was forking over my application fees! She just said to keep calling around.

Another frustrating obstacle I encounted at the individual school districts level was that they told me I need a doctor's statement of good health. I already have one on file at regioinal!. I am required to have a state certificate to teach, and to get a state certificate I had to have a MEDICAL DOCTOR STATEMENT OF GOOD HEATH --which is IN MY FILE! I tried to explain this to them to no avail. It was like talking to a bunch of space aliens. They said that is their rules and I have to have ANOTHER statement from the doctor for them if I want to be considered for their sub list (which is overly full at the moment). I can just imagine asking my doctor to write out 40 "good health" statements for me, as if he has all this free time to accomodate the county school system.

In addition to the extra doctor's statements of good health, there are a variety of forms I must fill out for EACH individual school district withing the larger regional district. I am beginning to wonder if all this hassle is worth it. Probably not. If anyone wonders why there is a shortage of teachers, just try to get a job as a substitute or regular teacher sometime!!!


umarang said...

When my grandmother died this July her name was accidentally misspelt in the death certificate. Now just to get it corrected it appears that we have to not only fill in thousands of forms but also possibly bribe somebody. And then maybe something will happen - like in a few years. Sometimes I wonder, how come we dont have to fill in forms just to be allowed to breathe and live?

Stardust said...

We almost have to do that already at tax time in April when we have to fill out all those crazy tax forms!