Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Photo by: D. Bowden "My favorite tree in New Lenox, IL"

by D. Bowden
All the leaves are falling round

Drifting, piling on the ground.

Red and gold and purple hues,
Hiding any summer clues
That are left from yesterday

When all the children were at play,

Cheering with voices merry
Amongst the strong green willow trees.

Days grow shorter, evenings cool,

The children are all back in school.

With their noses in their books,

Out the windows stealing looks,

Longing for those summer days

And for endless, carefree ways.

They have a long time to await

Till winter winds and snows abate
And springtime flowers bloom anew

A new season starts for me, and you.


Jules said...

Your poems are lovely. If you like I would like to copy a couple on to my poetry blog with your name ofcourse.

Stardust said...

That will be fine if you want to copy some of my poetry to put on your poetry blog. I am flattered that you think it is good enough to put on your blog. I will be posting more soon.