Thursday, November 17, 2005

“Petrovic’s Grocery”
By D. Bowden

An old photograph of Joe Petrovic shows him standing in front of his old grocery shop. This moment is now only a faded memory. Joe’s shop, simply called “Petrovic’s Grocery” was a place that smelled of good things, fresh things. Bins and shelves filled to the brim with tomatoes, squash, green beans, lettuce, apples, and other good things that were offered at various times depending on the season. Potatoes, however, were always abundant, always satisfying and always affordable. They were the staple of everyone’s sustenance, they were the main source of old Joe’s income. The neighborhood is not the same anymore. Petrovic’s, its potatoes, and Joe are all gone. The building still stands empty in a changed neighborhood of poverty and neglect. All that is left is a picture in a photo album, and in the minds of those few who are still here to remember.


umarang said...

Just to let you know I'm back. I was amused to read about your niece Kaleh and wondered what she would have to say about this 55 year old woman! We must seem ancient to anybody under 20!

Stardust said...

Welcome back Umarang! Children are so comical in how they see things, and they are so bluntly honest! I am enjoying reading your blogs very much. I am glad you are back to write more posts!